Little Big Bingo review

This new bingo site launched 6th July 2009 and sees the site step out of the shadow of it’s big sister Think Bingo and come into its own. Little Big Bingo, like all new bingo sites under the Cashcade hat, is powered by the popular DragonFish (888/Globalcom) bingo software and offer both versions of the internet bingo game that these sites are renowned for.

This new bingo site boasts “cheap as chips” bingo; ticket prices are being capped at just 5 pence each. At Little Big Bingo they also offer 1 penny and 2 pence bingo play tickets as well. Prices will vary in the bingo rooms from 1p, 2p and 5p so you wont have to break the bingo budget when playing at Little Big Bingo! With this new bingo site there is now a higher level of maximum bingo tickets allowed on each game; previously the maximum number of tickets was set at 24 but at Little Big Bingo players can now purchase up to a maximum of 96 tickets per game.

Other things on offer at Little Big Bingo include a guaranteed bingo jackpot game for £1,000 and all it will cost you to play is 1 penny per ticket! The chat hosts currently at think Bingo Cosy will be hosting the new bingo site so you will find the same fun and laughter in the bingo chat rooms. Little Big Bingo hosts a wide range of bingo rooms with six penny bingo rooms, six tuppeny bingo rooms and six 5 penny bingo rooms.

Players who are currently members of Think Bingo Cosy do not need to re-register with Little Big Bingo; your accounts will migrate to the new bingo site now it is open.

Game Options

Little Big Bingo offers many ways in which players can alter the way there bingo tickets are sorted. Little big bingo also offer the ability to manually mark your bingo tickets. You can alter the audio and graphic settings as well at Little Big Bingo.

Little Big Bingo offers a total of eighteen bingo rooms; these are divided into 1p, 2p and 5p rooms. Each room boasts a maximum ticket purchase of 96 tickets per game.

1p Bingo rooms 2p Bingo rooms 5p Bingo rooms Spend a Penny – 90 ball Tuppence Treats – 90 ball Fab Five – 90 ball Penny delight – 90 ball Tasty Twos – 90 ball Lovely Jubbly – 90 ball Lucky Penny – 90 ball Twist and Shout – 90 ball Laff it Up – 90 ball Pretty Pennies – 90 ball Strut ya Stuff – 90 ball Giggle Girls – 90 ball Penny Perfect – 75 ball Way 2 Go – 75 ball Fun & Frolics – 75 ball Pennies from Heaven – 75 ball Party Pals – 75 ball Juicy Jackpots – 75 ball

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are available at Little Big Bingo and vary from room to room. In 90 ball bingo rooms you have to call a full house bingo in 44 numbers or less and in 75 ball bingo it’s 25 numbers or less and then you take home the prize pot shown at the top of your bingo screen at Little Big Bingo.

Guaranteed Bingo Jackpots

Currently there is only one guaranteed bingo jackpot on offer at Little Big Bingo and this game player every Friday at 9pm; bingo tickets for this game cost just 1 pence each and the prize pot is an impressive £1,000.
One line winner – £200
Two line winner – £300
Full house winner – £500

Other Games

As well as the diffrent bingo games on offer at Little Big Bingo there are also lots of side games which are wide and varied; there is something on offer for every taste in the selection this site offer. You can choose from slots, instant win games, superslots, table games and scratchcards. All the bingo side games available at Little Big Bingo open in a seperate window so as not to cause disruption to your online bingo game.

Little Big Bingo Online Bingo Promotions

£1000 Penny Power guaranteed jackpot special
Saturday Party Night
Super Sundays
Biggie Bonus
Cometh the Ton
Big Prize Money