Fifty shades of Wink!

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Fifty shades of Wink Bingo!

Win £69 guaranteed jackpots in their Naughty Numbers Room each Sunday, half hourly between 6pm – 9pm!

Love 69: When the numbers `6` and `9` have both been called, then the 2nd player to shout `I Love 69`, will be awarded 1000jps.

Top or Bottom:When the game begins the Host will call `I’m on Top` (#46-90) or `I’m on the Bottom`(#1- 45). If the winning number matches the host call of Top or Bottom, then the 2nd Player to shout `I like Top or Bottom’ will win 1000jps.

Spread The Love: When you win the house you will tell the Host `Spread the Love to____( roomies name)’. The Host will then give the player you choose 1000jps, once they say ‘ I feel the Love’.

In Bed With Fred..Again: Give the Host your In Bed # 1-90. When your number is called, if you are the 1st to shout `In Bed with Fred___times` (use your #), then you win 1000Jps. Players can share the same #, but it is only the 1st player to call out their number that win pts

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Wink Bingo

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