Online bingo is becoming increasingly popular

The game of bingo has made its way from the bingo hall to millions of UK homes, the game of bingo is now more popular than ever before and the online versions of the game have become so popular over recent years that 2008 saw the number of online players increase by 80% in just six months.

Players can win big on the internet and the first step is purchasing playing cards. You can buy as many of these as you want and your chances of winning are claimed to increase with the number of cards you have and with cards priced from 1 penny it can be a cheap pass time.

The online game works in a similar format to the traditional version, the numbers are called at random and marked off on corresponding cards. This can be done automatically, or you can do it yourself. In many ways, this makes online bingo fairer than the traditional game as there is less room for error or deception.

With numerous sites on offer there is fierce competition so it is always good to compare sites and see what is on offer before playing.

About the Author: William-Obrien is a writer for online Bingo review sites dedicated to the UK & Ireland Bingo community. Read more articles by William-Obrien or Play Bingo Live