The Lab experiments have begun at Paddy Power Bingo



The Lab – the experiments have begun!

Ever fancied being a Bingo lab rat? Now is your chance!

Paddy Power have launched a brand new room and what’s more YOU can help them decide the schedule. They have already ran one live lab and the players came up with some fab new games. So why not try their second experiment?

The Live Lab 2 – 7.00pm – 9.00pm – Wednesday 7th December

It’s a chance to have your say in how a Bingo Room should really be run. All the players have the chance to create their favourite Bingo game…. and then get free tickets to play it! You can select the speed of play, 1/2TG & BOGxF options, the pattern and whether it is FFA/Even Stevens. Phew….and breathe*!

If your game is chosen it will stay in the The Lab’s schedule for a fortnight and you will be awarded 5 free tickets to each game. You can also nominate 10 friends to get free tickets to your game too (the game display name will include your chat name), that way you’ll get to show them what a Bingo expert you really are! Once the fortnight schedule is complete, they will return to the test schedule…..Until the Live Lab runs again!

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