The difference between 75, 80 and 90 ball games

The reason why Bingo is considered one the worlds most popular gamse is perhaps because it is so easy to play. Bingo has entertained millions of people over the centuries and will most probably continue to do so till the end of time.

The biggest development in the world of Bingo has been the emergence of online Bingo and the availability of an increasing number of new UK Bingo sites. Ever since Bingo games were made available online, the game has received a tremendous response from millions of internet users, particularly the avid Bingo lovers among them.

There are three popular variations of the online Bingo game where you can play games for money. These are 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball Bingo games. The 75 ball Bingo is popular in the US, Canada and in Central and South America, whereas, 90 ball Bingo is popular in the UK, Europe and Australia. 80 ball Bingo is a recent variation of the game and is not only much talked about but gradually gaining in popularity.

75 ball Bingo

This online Bingo variation involves 25 assorted numbers that have been arranged in 5 vertical and 5 horizontal rows. Each square in the Bingo card has a number except for the one at the center. The letters B, I, N, G, and O are printed at the top of the vertical columns. Directly below the letters there are 5 vertical rows with the numbers 1 to 15 under the B row, 16 to 30 in the I row, 31 to 45 in the N row, 46 to 60 in the G row and 61 to 75 in the O row. 75 ball Bingo has been played with the 5-in-a-row format whereby, the first player to achieve a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line on their card wins.

80 ball Bingo

This is new variation of the game which involves unique Bingo cards or Shutter boards. Online Bingo players use similar cards or tickets. When numbers are called, the matching numbers are shaded on the players online Bingo ticket. There are 4 rows and 4 columns on each ticket with the latter assigned a different color (red, yellow, blue and silver). The call board of 80 ball Bingo is similar to the one in 75 ball Bingo with slight variations. The 80 ball call board has 5 rows of 16 numbers, or a total of 80 possible numbers. These numbers are further divided into four groups of separate colors with 20 number intervals.

90 ball Bingo

The main difference of this online Bingo variation and 75 ball Bingo games is the different card arrangements. In 90 ball Bingo the cards are in the form of strips called Bingo tickets and are arranged in 9 columns and 3 rows. Each row includes 5 squares with numbers from 1 to 90. The balance squares are blank and have no free square. The key aspects of 90 ball Bingo is the multiple prizes presented in each game. It has separate prizes for winners who complete one horizontal line, followed by two lines and the finale is achieved by marking off all the remaining numbers on one ticket. This is known as a full house, the reason why the game is referred to as housie in Australia.

Whichever variation of Bingo games you play, you’ll find the same level of fun, excitement and rewards with live bingo online. Good Luck!

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