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What is the History?

The game of Bingo is thought to have derived from its 16th century ancestor, a lottery called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia introduced in the year 1530. This lottery is even now played to this day in Italy. In the late 1700s, the French created their version of Le Lotto (as it was then called) which was all the rage with the wealthy.

The French version involved a caller who drew wooden discs numbered 1 to 90 from a bag and called out each number to participants of the game. Germany soon followed the French in embracing Bingo. However, they used it primarily as a tool for educational purposes to help students learn spelling, history and mathematics.

It was not until 1929 that the game of Bingo was introduced in North America, when Edwin S. Lowe accidentally came across the game of Beano at a carnival near Atlanta, Georgia. The game, like its forerunner Le Lotto, also involved a caller who drew numbered wooden discs from a bag and shouted them out to the players. Each player had a card with numbered squares and each time a number (which they had) was called out, they would mark the corresponding numbered square with a bean.

It is believed that during one such game, an excited female player shouted Bingo instead of Beano to announce that she had won. The name sounded attractive and Lowe teamed up with Carl Leffler and proceeded to redevelop and rename the game of Beano. They then introduced the first commercialized version of the game of Bingo that we know today.

Is it true there are Success Stories with Online Bingo?

Imagine a small struggling rural city. Only a few factories are left to employ many of the town’s people and the young people who move away don’t seem to be moving back after they finish college. There isn’t a lot to come back for!. There’s not much going on there and it seems as if no one can remember the glory days of the small town…until suddenly something changes.

Bingo enters the village and brings money into it.

Bingo halls can grant success for a number of civic organizations in the local communities. In one Kentucky town, the local bingo hall takes turns each week allowing a separate civic organization to be in charge.

The given organization for the week is in charge of food, getting workers to show up, passing out cards and calling numbers. In essence, they are in charge of pretty much everything for that week. They also get to keep a majority of the proceeds for the week.

This is a wonderful way to help with the different groups that may be in need of money in a community, with traditional door-to-door fundraising, which is sometimes an unsafe form of fundraising.

If fact, the above mentioned story is a true one! Thanks to the local bingo hall, one community fire department used proceeds from a weekend of bingo to help finance a brand new tanker truck.

Bingo is also a success for many people because it can help fill the boredom and monotony for many people in these towns. It also helps breathe new life to the community, because it can bring in people from surrounding communities. These people come to the given town and eat at the restaurants, buy gas, etc. All in all, it helps the community immensely by bringing in outside money to help strengthen it.

What are Online Bingo Jackpots?

An Online Bingo jackpot game is a game that it is not always guaranteed that anyone will win. An Online Bingo Jackpot game is exciting because you have a chance to win such a large amount hence the name Jackpot. But with this type of game you are also changing the fact that you have to pay out more money in order to gain the Jackpot which could be lost, so you could either lose a large amount of money or win a large amount.

What is the difference between 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball Bingo?

75 ball Bingo.

This online Bingo variation involves 25 assorted numbers that have been arranged in 5 vertical and 5 horizontal rows. Each square in the Bingo card has a number except for the one at the centre.

The letters B, I, N, G, and O are printed at the top of the vertical columns. Directly below the letters there are 5 vertical rows with the numbers 1 to 15 under the B row, 16 to 30 in the I row, 31 to 45 in the N row, 46 to 60 in the G row and 61 to 75 in the O row.

75 ball Bingo has been played with the 5-in-a-row format whereby, the first player to achieve a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line on their card wins.

80 ball Bingo.

This is new variation of the game which involves unique Bingo cards or Shutter boards. Online Bingo players use similar cards or tickets.

When numbers are called, the matching numbers are shaded on the player?s online Bingo ticket. There are 4 rows and 4 columns on each ticket with the latter assigned a different colour (red, yellow, blue and silver).

The call board of 80 ball Bingo is similar to the one in 75 ball Bingo with slight variations. The 80 ball call board has 5 rows of 16 numbers, or a total of 80 possible numbers. These numbers are further divided into four groups of separate colours with 20 number intervals.

90 ball Bingo.

The main difference of this online Bingo variation and 75 ball Bingo is the different card arrangements. In 90 ball Bingo the cards are in the form of strips called Bingo tickets and are arranged in 9 columns and 3 rows. Each row includes 5 squares with numbers from 1 to 90.

The balance squares are blank and have no free square. The key aspects of 90 ball Bingo is the numerous prizes presented in each game. It has separate prizes for winners who complete one horizontal line, followed by two lines and the finale is achieved by marking off all the left over numbers on one ticket. This is known as a full house, the reason why the game is referred to as housie in Australia.

What basic features of an Online Bingo site should I know about?

All online Bingo websites will have a registration feature which will want you to put in your personal information and register with them. This feature is used to gain your personal information, so they can have it to help distribute future prizes you may win and also to allow them to report large winnings to the identifiable authorities.

Another feature of online Bingo websites includes the online chatting. Many people play these online games simply so they can enjoy interaction with others.

Another feature is the screen that displays your Bingo cards and the numbers that are being called. This screen will look different from site to site, but generally you will have anywhere from 1 to 3 cards that are in the middle or off to one side of the screen.

These are all the basic features that you will most likely come across in any Online Bingo site.

Choosing an Online Bingo site in the UK or Ireland?

You can start by visiting www.aboutbingo.co.uk; the giant internet portal and one of the largest in the UK where you will find the best free UK Bingo web sites.

If you are a citizen of UK, it will be a good idea to play Bingo on UK sites as this carries several advantages versus any other site. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing UK online Bingo sites:

1. They target UK Bingo players, being marketed as UK sites which means most of your fellow players will be from the UK.

2. Card prices, prize money, bonuses, etc. are in £ rather than US $.

3. Most sites accept common UK payment options, viz., MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Maestro, Switch and Solo.

4. Site names include Bingo Ireland, Bingo England and Bingo Scotland and branded with such pictures, e.g., Union Jacks, Big Ben and even Irish or Scottish symbols giving the sites an exclusive British feel.

5. Should you be lucky enough to win, customer support services are available in the UK.

So how do I play Online Bingo?

In a traditional bingo game there are 5 columns and 5 rows on a Bingo card, with the middle space being a “free space”.

The normal goal is to get 5 called numbers which form either a diagonal or straight line

. But…to be a die-hard online bingo player, one must know a little more that that!

There are postage stamp patterns in the corner of a card, plus signs (which looks just like a plus sign), and whole card bingo where you cover the entire card. It is important to realize which pattern you are going for when playing bingo online!

Once you figure out the basics of recognizing patterns on the bingo card, you are well on your way to playing online bingo and you will find it very easy from there on.

Why are people playing online Bingo?

Bingo continues to inculcate a feeling of collective friendship, fun, bonding and a spirit of community among its millions of avid fans that play the game throughout the world. It also is widespread popularity around the world is because it is an extremely easy game to play and the rewards not only include big prize money, online bingo promotions but also bingo for fun, suspense, anticipation and excitement that go with play bingo live.

The reason why thousands of people are playing online Bingo today is because they can do so in the privacy, convenience and comfort of their homes, with family and friends. Although, Bingo is a game that revolves around a community of players regardless of age, sex or creed, the same spirit of togetherness can be enjoyed when you join a community on an online Bingo site.

One more big attraction of online Bingo is that it gives you the opportunity to play with other like-minded people, make new friends around the world and of course, the chance to win big money.

With the unprecedented number of new online Bingo sites offering different and large sums of prize money, Bingo players now have a wide choice of online Bingo options to choose from. Some sites not only offer cash in prize money but also reward winners with other high value, attractive prizes such as luxury holidays and more.

Is Online Bingo Just A Game Of Luck Or Is There A Strategy?

Most people assume that Bingo is a game of luck; and having lucky charms that add to their chances of winning- doesn’t hurt. But in reality, there are several mathematical strategies that can be applied to the Bingo game.

One of the most significant mathematical strategies that can be applied to the game of Bingo is card selection. Most people assume that the more cards they play, the better their likelihood of winning. In some circumstances, this may hold true. But in reality, one card of random numbers can earn you big money, as well.

One mathematical analyst suggests that Bingo cards should be chosen based upon the law of probability and the fact that in a game of 75 balls, each number has a 1 in 75 chance of being chosen first; this is called uniform distribution. The theory goes on to say that if the first number chosen ends in a one, the odds of the next numbers ending in a one are decreased; in simple terms because there are more numbers left that do not end in a one.

As well, the same can be said with odd and even numbers. In a game of 75 balls, there’s just as many odd numbers as there are even; as well, there are just as many high numbers over 38, as there are low numbers under 38. As the balls are drawn; watch the odds change.

Many people will not enter a game until so many games have been played; it’s just an alternative example of strategy.

The more game you watch will help guide you when selecting your cards. Let’s say you join a game after watching the two previous rounds; scan the cards on offer and see how the odds are stacked. If the first two rounds you watched are won with certain numbers that seem high, select a card with rather low numbers. As well, if the first few games are won with random even and odd numbers; choose a card that is random with even and odd numbers. Watching the calls and analyzing the called numbers against your card will increase your odds of winning. It’s just a matter of numbers.

What are the Odds of Winning at Online Bingo?

For example, if you join a game that has approximately 500 cards being played and you are the holder of 10 of those cards- you have a 2% ability of winning. Generally, the fewer cards or players- the greater your odds.

A person who joins a game with 10 cards or more cards should also take into account the possibility of missing a number. This is important if you are trying to work out the probability of winning on high, low, odds or even numbers.

The most common mistake in Bingo is trying to play too many cards; it’s often unmanageable; especially when youre in a Bingo chat room.

There’s talking and laughing, as well, as game play going on; so be sure you can manage your cards or else- odds won’t matter. To give an example, lets say there has been 17 calls made, 6 of those calls are numbers in the G column, 2 are from the B column, 2 are from the I column, 3 are from the N column and 2 are from the O column; the odds are- G numbers will not be called again for a while, there are a smaller amount of them remaining, therefore the odds are another number will be called; according to the law of probability- most likely a number from the B, I, or O column

How to Win on Online Bingo?

Winning at online Bingo is not the easiest feat; for many, it’s just a matter of luck. But if you’re truly serious about the game and hope to fill your pockets with big bucks- well, it’s all in the numbers.

As numbers are picked, the odds change. Let’s say 10 numbers are picked; 7 of them are odd and 3 of them are even; odds are the next number chosen is even- there are more of them to choose from and that’s how the law of probability works. So if this holds true; winning in Bingo starts with choosing a varying card with equal number of high and low cards with an equal number of even and odd cards.

Another great way to win at Bingo is by just being smart; it’s pretty simple to understand that your odds of winning increases with the number of cards you play.

If 10 cards are being played by 3 different people and you are holding 5 of those cards; you have a 50% chance of winning. So play multiple cards; but be careful not to go overboard; too many cards can sometimes cause a player to overlook a number. These are just a few of the ways increase your chances of winning.

Is online Bingo replacing traditional Bingo halls?

Since the late 1920s, Bingo has been played at fair grounds, carnivals, or in clubs and halls in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia as well as in several commonwealth countries. The primary attraction of Bingo is the friendly atmosphere and spirit of community and camaraderie that the game fosters among players. Perhaps, this could also be considered one reason why Bingo has endured for so many centuries.

A true Bingo player will tell you that the game is not about winning or losing but just the opportunity of being there and enjoying an evening with family and friends and all the little extras in terms of the fun and excitement that have become the hallmarks of the game.While its true that Bingo will continue to be played and enjoyed by in clubs and halls, it may be too early to state that online Bingo will be replacing these traditional venues. However, it will also be fair to counter some of the misconceptions expressed by the cynics, sceptics and traditionalists about online Bingo.

The primary misconception among such people is that, with the birth and subsequent growth of online Bingo, the sensation of community, friendship and enjoyable atmosphere would somehow erode.

If you take time out to visit one of the many online Bingo sites, you will soon discover that you can be part of a worldwide online Bingo community and experience a sense of belonging and friendship just as you would at a traditional Bingo venue.

Today, online Bingo players have become close to one big family with picture galleries of members, regular newsletter updates and free chat rooms for fellow online Bingo lovers which work together to give a truly special feeling of friendship and bonding plus a collective community spirit among all players.

What are Bingo Chat Rooms?

Bingo chat rooms are great places to learn about Bingo strategies, play fun Bingo games, and find out interesting facts about the game. But perhaps the greatest thing; chat rooms allow you to interact with other Bingo lovers.

For those that love the game, there’s nothing like sharing your experiences and tales with other playing enthusiasts. Chat rooms allow those that join -a opportunity to meet new and interesting people; it’s a great place to meet new friends from around the world.

Online Bingo is played in chat rooms; these games are set-up with chatting and talking in mind for those that play the game.

Most chat rooms are created by chat room monitors that set up simple rules to follow regarding chat room etiquette.

Most chat monitors act as hosts to players; they welcome you and create a friendly atmosphere for those that join the game.

Chat rooms tend to be similar to other chat rooms; many are set-up with a common culture shared by those that enter. For example, if you’re looking to meet singles; believe it or not- there’s Bingo chat rooms for singles that are looking for other Bingo loving singles.

As well, there are chat rooms that are set up for novice players; players over 40 or under 30; and even players that prefer ‘not’ to chat.

Bingo Chat Room Etiquette?

First, one should remember never to talk about others or gossip when in an online bingo chat room.

Once you begin playing online bingo you might find that for some reason you prefer one website over another.

Most people find they are like this and find they often go to the same sites; therefore you may begin to become friends with some of the other players through chatting during your games.

Next, it is important to remember that although you may have a colourful vocabulary that rivals that of a sailor, not everyone wants to hear it! There are people from all walks of life that may be playing online bingo with you.

Although some may not be offended at cursing, others may find it as a private attack against their sensibilities.

Although you must be 18 to play online bingo at most sites, it is a good idea to act as if you are speaking in front of children when you are typing on the chat room online bingo websites. This way you know that you are not offending anyone with the things you may be saying.

The last “unspoken” rule of online bingo player etiquette is to not brag about your winnings

Remember when you were little and there was always that annoying person that seemed to think they were better than you? Well, hopefully you don’t want to emulate them.

If you win that is wonderful and many people you have met in the chat room will be happy for you, but others may be filled with envy. The best rule of thumb is to be humble about your winnings.

How to not offend others in a Bingo Chat Room?

A player must use the civilized language in the Bingo chat rooms. If you are playing in a public chat room where any player can join you in the game, then your language should not be disrespectful.

Avoid using foul language and swear words as they will offend the person on the other side. Also, it is not a good idea to misbehave with the administrator. You should not try to tease or swear at the administrator. You should also pay attention to his warnings and instructions as he has the power to ban you out of the game room.

If you are winning, especially where money is involved, it is not polite to boast yourself.

Nobody wants to know how much have you won and how good of a player you are. Try to be humble when you are winning. No, we are not saying that you should not celebrate a good win but try to stay in control. A boastful demeanour will only make you a hated person in the game room and it will create unnecessary tension among players.

Even if you are not winning then it doesn’t mean that you should start making fun of others.

It is considered quite rude to mock others in the chat rooms.

A player must appreciate that he may be interacting with the players of many different countries and cultures in those chat rooms. You must respect other people’s culture also. Do not say anything that may hurt somebody’s feelings. There are some words in English which are not considered to be very offensive for some culture but at the same time hold a lot of contempt for others.

For example, calling somebody a monkey is not considered to be very offensive in the countries like India, but it is the biggest insult for the people from Africa. Hence, try not to use such type of language in the chat rooms.

Basically, do not type anything that you feel may be offensive to someone.

Some people also have the habit of typing in CAPS. This is also considered rude as in the Internet it is the equivalent of yelling at someone. Therefore, you should not type in the capital letters. There is also a bad habit of some people to advertise in these chat rooms. This is a big nuisance for every Internet chat room. Do not advertise anything as it will only get your account cancelled by the administrator.

How to use an Online Bingo Forum?

The use of a particular online bingo forum varies from forum to forum. However, in general, an online nickname or ID is mandatory to start with. You’ll also find that while several online bingo forums are free, there are an equal number of forums which are not. Therefore, before creating an online identity, it is advisable to read the privacy policy of the concerned online bingo site, as also to check parental permission requirements, usually specified by reputable online bingo forums


Fortunately, some online bingo forums permit ‘guest’ access to allow an intending user-member to view the forum before deciding to sign up with it. Once you do join, you will be permitted to create, what is now commonly referred to an ‘avatar’ and ‘forum signature’.

In general, an avatar is confined to 80×80 pixels and 6kBs and is displayed immediately under a player-member’s user name.

Although, an online bingo forum signature consists of text, images are also permitted.

An online bingo forum is meant to promote productive, healthy debates and discussions among its members. Therefore, proper decorum must be maintained at all times. However, most reputable online bingo forums have experienced, ‘moderators’ (or arbitrators) who will oversee discussions to ensure that forum members are acting within, and in accordance with, the rules and regulations specified by the particular online bingo site