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Introduction to Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance, played with 90 numbered balls bringing together various people. Each player has at least one card (European version). The Lotto cards have 15 numbers, divided into three lines, each with five numbers.

The goal of the game is to mark the numbers contained on the card according to the balls that are drawn while being the first to complete 1 line (Quine), two lines (Double-quine) or the whole card.

The rules of Bingo

As a family or with friends, often practiced during the festive season, traditional Bingo has Gathering virtues that many other games envy it.

This could be the success of Bingo!

Configuration of the Bingo 90 Ball

Each player has received, or purchased, one or more cards at the beginning of the game. The cards are offered randomly, but the fetish numbers are often the subject of a targeted choice. On each of them is a grid with three lines and nine columns. There are five numbers per line for a total of fifteen on the cardboard.

A game leader “boulègue” (mixes) than a bag where is 90 numbers (from 1 to 90) and pulls at random a ball or a token. He then announces out loud the number written on this ball or token. The excitement is then palpable in the assembly, and everyone scrutinizes his card to see if the number is there. If this is the case, the player covers it with a distinctive sign provided for this purpose as a bean or encor a sugar. Players can bring lots of Lucky Charms and “grey-grey” if they are superstitious!

There are other variants of Bingo then the 90 Ball.

The difference between Bingo and Lotto

They are close and yet different. Why? Because even if they are based on Chance and the numbers come out one after the other randomly, the grids of the players are not based on the same principle.

In the lottery, players check off the numbers they want based on their intuition or superstition. At Bingo, Players ‘ grids are checked based on the numbers coming out! The players didn’t pick their numbers. To this extent, it is the opposite of the lottery.

Running a Bingo game

A game is usually played in 3 beats:

  •     First, you have to cover an entire line, often called ” QUINE “. The first player who has achieved this goal must declare himself loud and clear to the Assembly by shouting “QUINE”. There is checking by the leader and drawing of lots in the event of a tie.
  •     The second step is exactly the same as the first. But this is where the pressure starts.
  • Because of the “full Carton”, that is to say, the ultimate of the game, usually offers the biggest prize. It is a matter of completely covering all the numbers and exclaiming “full board” in case of success. The holder of the full card is very often considered the great winner of the game.