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If you’re “new” to online Bingo, you’ve made a good choice by starting here at aboutbingo. Our aim to make your bingo experience fun, exciting and most of all – safe. To get you started, we have put together a 6 point plan to guide you through the and site selection process.

The “main reviews” page until you find a Bingo site that catches your eye. Pay close attention to the Bingo stats.
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Once you have chosen a Bingo site, click the “read full review” button on the “main reviews” page. This is where we have put together everything we know about the site.
User Reviews
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These are reviews from players who have registered and played on the site and have kindly provided feedback so other players like you can benefit. – A big thank you to our members.

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Click on the link to the site. Our links take you directly to their landing page. On the site landing page, you will need to register. You don’t necessarily need to make a deposit at this stage, just register and then browse the site. If you like the look of it, you can deposit your gaming money at any stage. The sites will make depositing money very easy.

Come back here and browse the articles section on this page to take a deeper look at the wonderful world of online Bingo.

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Please help us. By submitting a user review, other players will learn from your experiences. We are always looking for anything that will help our players. Good, bad or even just general experiences, we’ll publish you comments on the reviews page for all to see. The user reviews are your way of providing feedback. We appreciate your feedback.

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Remember, if you register at a site, you will normally be given free cash or Bingo bucks to practice and play with before you need to deposit any of your own money.
If you have a bad experience after registering, speak to the CM’s before logging-off. These guys are very friendly and will try to resolve the issue. If all else fails, just transfer your money back into your bank account/credit card and then sign-up to one of the many other available. It’s easy and it’s also good to experience different gaming sites.

Bingo Articles

Browse the articles section on this page to gain a better understanding of the rules, how to play, chat room etiquette, strategies and the different types of jackpots to be won. At a minimum, please read the “FAQ for New Bingo Players” article. This article provides a quick guide to the playing essentials.

Rules of Play

Getting started is easy, all sites allow you to register for free, set up an account and make a deposit. All sites accept a Debit or Credit Card and a standard range of optional e-wallet funding options such as Neteller, Firepay and Citadel.

Most sites often provide a number of deposit incentives where the site will reward players by matching a percentage of their deposit. This is typically between 75% to 300%. There are some great offers at the moment.
Most sites offer a free play where if you register, your account will be typically credited with £5 to play any Bingo game. There is also a facility called sandbox play. This enables the player to enjoy the bingo game and get the hang of the system without a cash investment, but obviously any winnings will not be gained.
Some sites require players to download free software to play their games. Other sites use Java or Flash based games that allow you to play immediately once you have registered and set up your account.
There are many types of online bingo game variations. When playing bingo online, most sites use a feature called auto-daub, this automatically marks off the numbers on the cards for you. There are games where you have to tick off the numbers yourself and there is normally around a 10 second delay between numbers.
Traditional bingo is normally played with 90 balls. Each card has three horizontal lines and nine columns. Each line contains five numbers, meaning each card has 15 numbers. The first column contains numbers from 1-9, the second column contains numbers from 10-19, the third column contains numbers from 20-29, all the way through to the final column which contains numbers from 80-90. In 90 Ball bingo you have 3 chances to win, when you complete line 1, line 2 or the full house. A “Full House” means all the numbers marked off on one card (all 15 numbers). The prize differs for each stage of the game. The Full House is always the largest prize in any one game.
There is also 75 ball bingo. Each card has 25 numbers set out in 5 rows and 5 columns. The numbers normally correspond to the letters B I N G O with the B row having a column of numbers from 1-15, the I row, 16-30, the N row, 31-45, the G row, 46-60 and the O row, 61-75. A different pattern for each bingo game is displayed, and in order to win the jackpot you must complete the game pattern on the card. Speed Bingo is a variation played exactly the same, but the numbers are simply called much faster.
There is also chat functionality. This is great as it gives players a chance to interact which also forms a sense of community. This brings a different dimension to gaming and the chat rooms are becoming increasingly popular for bingo players. Click here for a complete guide to chat room lingo.

Player Tips

Play with more than one card, the more cards you buy the better your chances of winning.

Avoid busy games and buy more cards when there are less players, then the percentages will work in your favor.

Online bingo sites offer you the option of changing your cards, so if you feel your cards are unlucky; go ahead and change them.

Make sure you check the website first and make sure they promote a safe and secure fair play bingo.

Look out for bonus offers, cash specials and latest promotional offers.

Enjoy chatting to other players in the online chat rooms; most players are keen to share their hot tips and useful advice.

There is always a chat master or a chat room supervisor who will monitor conversations and be there to assist if any rules are broken.

Remember Bingo is a game of chance but it is an excellent way to have fun, its great for socialising, being part of an online community and also a good way to win cash and prizes.