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You can claim £16 just for joining, so join now and play fun bingo with Ruby!

There are two different ways to enjoy the site, you can play on the site without downloading software or you can download software and install it on your computer, it will only take you a couple of minutes. After you install the software, you must sign up to the site. This is also a very simple process. If you don’t fancy downloading it though you can just play on the site – the choice is yours. So join now and play the best bingo online.

When you first sign up to Ruby Bingo, you will receive a bonus match of 125% when you make your first deposit. Everything you need to know about Ruby bingo is on the website and it has been made very clear to understand and there are lots of FAQs which will tell you all you need to know. Buying tickets with Ruby Bingo is done in a slightly different way to most other bingo sites. You cannot buy single tickets but must instead buy tickets in strips of at least 6. The bingo calling is very clear and tickets are highlighted when they need 3 numbers or less to win, so, you always know which numbers to look out for. You can even personalise the calling voice by changing to either a male or female voice depending on your own preferences.

The chat rooms at Ruby Bingo seem to be quiet a lot of the time but there are still always people available to talk to. The chat moderators arrange chat games where you can win bonus money if you play along and these are a lot of fun. There are lots of games in the chat room where members team up together in order to play the games and this makes you much more likely to win bonus money than you are on a lot of other sites. The chat moderators and other site members are very helpful and if you are stuck with anything they will help you as best they can.

The tickets at Ruby Bingo are very moderately priced so are great for people on a budget. As the site is new and still establishing itself, there are few people playing at any one time. This does mean that the prize money is less than a lot of other sites but, on the bright side, this means that you are much more likely to win a prize. There are often promotions such as buy 2 get 1 free and these games are very popular, thus, pushing up the prize money for these particular games.

The Ruby Bingo site is very secure. Many people are wary of using downloads to play games, but the software runs smoothly. It doesn’t add anything that you would not want on your computer and passes security and anti virus checks so you will not get any nasty surprises after downloading. Unlike many other downloadable programmes, Ruby Bingo does not try to connect itself to the internet all the time even when you don’t want it to. The main advantage of downloading the software is that you deposit money using it so none of your details are held on the website itself, making it much more difficult for anyone to get hold of your private details.

Overall Ruby Bingo is a well thought out and well maintained gaming site that you can play bingo games for fun. The software is excellent and has obviously been designed for ease of use. The graphics are fun and functional and give the site a very unique look. The special effects, personalisation and animation add to the atmosphere and make playing with Ruby Bingo a lot of fun. The prizes are generally quite low but this is sure to get better when more people discover the site and join in the fun. Games with Ruby Bingo tend to last longer than they do on many other bingo sites and this is mainly because fewer people are playing, but it does help to prolong the fun. There is a wide range of games so you are sure to find something you like and the tickets are nicely priced so that just about everyone can afford them.

Playing games is a lot of fun and it could not be simpler. Instructions are easy to follow and if you do get stuck, the customer support is excellent. You can get quite a lot of free games if you take advantage of the deals and offers which are available to members and you stand quite a good chance of winning too, due to the lower number of players.