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Sing Bingo is a rockin and a rollin music-themed UK bingo site

Are you ready to hit the high notes! Because the curtain has gone up and Sing Bingo has taken centre stage. Sing Bingo is a rockin and a rollin music-themed UK bingo site, and it’s perfect for both male and female players, with easy-on-the-eye colours, and a common interest everybody loves: MUSIC!

Firstly, the signup process is super quick and simple and you can start playing free bingo games online all day and night with no deposit required. With an incredible six free bingo rooms and guaranteed jackpots of up to £50, you’ll be singing when you?re winning in no time. Start your Sing Bingo career with a massive 350% welcome bonus promotion of up to £100. Sing Bingo are keen that new members don’t fade away so every time you make a redeposit, Sing Bingo will reward you with up to 65% absolutely free. All music stars love a bit of VIP treatment don’t they, when you register, Sing Bingo will give you a VIP pass for the Make Your Debut room where a guaranteed jackpot of £20 is up for the taking every 15 minutes  absolutely FREE. Where there’s music there are groupies, make sure you join the Reload Tour, with up to 65% in free bonus cash and backstage passes to the Reload Tour room, where there’s a guaranteed £15 jackpot every 30 minutes.

The action at Sing Bingo really gets going on Friday night: be there at 9PM for your chance to win a cool collection of music memorabilia. From platinum signed discs to signed photographs of your favourite bands and pop stars, and even signed guitars from the greatest guitar players to ever live, don’t miss out and pre-buy your tickets now.

Sing Bingo offers an excellent variety of 75 ball and 90 ball rooms, and we’re just loving the great names of the games. With monikers like the Warm Up, the Rehearsal, the Record Breaker and the late night After Party, the music theme continues throughout the site effortlessly and creatively.

Another thing about Sing Bingo is the fact it may have a slightly familiar vibe to it. Although it’s not a cover version, it does come from the same family of superstar bingo sites such as 888 Ladies, Foxy Bingo and Posh Bingo. In fact, we have to wonder whether Simon Cowell had a hand in creating this site as it has X Factor by the bucket load.

Sing Bingo certainly isn’t going to be a one-hit wonder, and we reckon it’s going to be at the top of the bingo pops for a long time to come. A bit like Brian Adams but miles more fun with Sing Bingo so start your online bingo experience today!