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Tombola is one of the UK’s most popular online bingo sites. The companies behind Tombola have been in the bingo business for over 50 years. Tombola has generally found popularity among users and its communities are felt by many to be some of the friendliest around. There are many reasons why players continue to go to Tombola for a fun and friendly party bingo game. Here are just some of the highlights of Tombola that you can expect to encounter when playing there.

There are plenty of live chat rooms at Tombola, for each game where players can get to know each other.  Regular players are brilliant and tend to be friendly and welcoming to newcomers. The live chat can add a fun and social experience to playing bingo, creating close groups of roomies. If you are looking for play bingo on the cheap, you can play for as little as 2p  in a game of Bingo Lite and still walk away with a £100 jackpot. Other games include bingo 90, where players have a choice of five clubs to join and a selection of chat rooms to play in and bingo 80 games start at 25p a game and have jackpots reaching £500.  The American 75-ball game in the Stars and Stripes room is a fantastic game where players only have to spend 10p a game for a chance a the £500 jackpot.

Tombola regularly offers incentives for players. New players get a special sign up bonus where first deposits of £10 or more will get  £20 free in return. Return players are always given options for bonus while playing. The stakes at Tombola are also not so high they are not within reach by most players. Players can only play two games at once and each player can have a max of 4 strips, making games more fair for everyone. Tombola offers a range of fun side games as well, including the popular hamsters.

New players are made to feel welcome at Tombola. There are plenty of instructions so players can feel comfortable playing in no time. Games are simple enough to be understand and the graphics and animations are entertaining and fun. Live chat rooms are monitored by friendly CM’s who make sure everyone feels welcome and has a good time, and it you have any issues oe conserns they are alwas on hand to help. Tombola is well known in the online bingo world as having one of the friendliest support staffs. Friendly CM’s are always around to answer questions and give support. Payouts on wins are paid out on time and the withdraw process is fast. Live customer support is available online and customer support can be reached by phone from 8:30am until 2am daily.