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If you’ve been looking for ways to join the exclusive, hi-flier league, you could take your chances with Virgin Bingo. If this sounds too good to be true, take a closer look at the Virgin Bingo site. Virgin Bingo as its name suggests, is a part of Sir Richard Branson’s, world renowned, Virgin Group, and offers unrivalled, mega jackpots, as well as loads of other unique and attractive, prizes and a superb online bingo experience.

Today, Virgin Bingo is virtually as popular as the airline that shares part of its name. This popularity is evidenced by thousands of online bingo players who have signed up, not to mention the thousands of hits the site receives everyday. It shouldn’t surprise you why Virgin Bingo enjoys such unmatched, popularity. After all, how many online bingo sites pay out in excess of five figure sterling pounds in prize money everyday.

Apart from the mega jackpots that Virgin Bingo pays out, it is also a site that offers high entertainment value. Virgin Bingo is a great place to play 75-ball bingo or 90-ball bingo, in addition to some of the coolest Mini Games on the net, that you can play simultaneously with the main bingo games and double your online bingo fun. While cruising around the Virgin Bingo site, you’ll find some thrilling Video Poker opportunities as well as, several slots entitled, Double Scoop Delight, Three Times the Riches, Get Cracking, Trolling for Treasure and many more to surprise you. Apart from these, Virgin Bingo also offers Keno, an amazing Lottery-style game that offers BIG payouts with the smallest of bets, as well as, arcade classics such as, Double Diamond Spin.

Some other impressive features of the Virgin Bingo site are the auto-claim which automatically processes prize claims and credits them to a player’s account, auto-daub that automatically marks off your numbers and best card sorting that systematically arranges tickets in their order of performance. Visit any of Virgin Bingos many vibrant chat rooms, where you can meet and talk bingo and more with other bingo players as well as, friendly Game Masters. If you’re in the mood for some more online bingo fun you can also play a variety of fun-filled chat room games, which offer big bingo bonuses that can be used to play some more rounds of bingo. To register with Virgin Bingo, all it will take is to provide your email address and you will become a member in a matter of few minutes. As soon as you become one, you’ll receive ten free bingo games, so you can start playing right away. With your initial deposit, you can claim a 100% match bonus, and 50% match bonus with your second deposit onward. One fascinating feature of this site is the Virgin Bingo Wishing Well. Here you can make a wish each time you deposit an amount in your Virgin bingo account  and who knows, your wish could become a reality. The Virgin Bingo promotion, not to be missed is the amazing Cash for Life game that offers £1000 per month to winners, for the rest of their lives.

With the unbeatable BIG prize money that Virgin Bingo offers its members and the fantastic online bingo experience  who knows your dream of joining the hi-flier league may just become reality in an instant so play bingo online for cash now.

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